Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wei Bu Toong Seafood Restaurant

Last Sunday, July 1st 2012 was my dad's birthday. Since dad is a birthday boy on that day... Mom and I asking dad to choose what he likes to have for either dinner or lunch.

At the end, dad chosen Wei Bu Toong Seafood Restaurant located near Kepong area... initially i don't know how to get there but with the help of Google Maps. I managed to find the way and brought my dad to the restaurant.

Dad's ordered three dishes and two big rice to share out...

Seafood Tofu
Vietnamese Style Prawn

Last but not least, the main purpose we went to the restaurant... Overall, the crabs are quite okay, only one crab was slightly not fresh...

Steam Crab
So, it's time to start the guessing game... How much does it cost for the meal, three dishes, two rice and a pot of tea, What do you think?


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TZ said...

Half of the price ... around RM70+