Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Buff, Lean and Flexi

The Personal Trainer (PT) who trained me since March has decided to move on and he has resigned from Fitness First One MK to pursue his new career... Air Steward. 

Anyway, I changed to another PT who has even more years of experience. Last Tuesday was the first session. He was asking me what i would like to achieve. I told him... 

  1. Six Packs
  2. Strong legs and bigger lower body (someone comment my upper body was too big to match with my lower body. So sad eh~ )
  3. Have a nice cut on the arms. Those drooling arm. 

Then my new PT commented ... "Buff, Lean and Flexi"  
He told me he wanna to plan to buff me up a bit by further reducing my current 14% fat... Usually a buff and lean person might not have a good flexibility of his body, so he also plan some exercise to strength my joint and make sure i have flexibility on my body and not walking like a ROBOT.

Before our new training chapter begins, he did two assessments on me... 
  • Weight me with the electronic weighing machine that shown the % of fat etc.
  • Planned exercises with total body workout to be the benchmark of the first day.

So, i finished the all the exercises within an hour... And we marked down all the reps vs time. Like total push up within 30 sec. etc. Guess how many push up i did for 30sec? Interesting eh~

Anyway, for the whole day today i was dreaming to have RAIN's body :p

Can i achieve?


MEcoy said...

thats also my goal hope i manage to achieve my dream body

Gratitude said...

Better than Rain...thunderstorm perhaps?

TZ said...

MEcoy: yes! Let's do it...

Gratitude: oh... it's a cool name. TZ the Thunderstorm :p