Friday, February 21, 2014

Will Metropolitan Kuala Lumpur become city of NO WATER?

In this hot and dry season, what is the scarcity resources... Yes! it's water...

Picture adapted from signoftherose
Rain in a tropical country is a normal event but recently mother nature stop dropping the water and we have not getting any rain for the past few weeks. The water level in the reservoirs are dropping tremendously. I was worry about no water in City of Kuala Lumpur a.k.a city of potholes but today my worry came true... That's was NO WATER in my condo unit as i tried to wash my hand. Not a single drop of water...

Our lovely government has done a very BAD job in this disaster. They did not announce their plan earlier or should i say they don't have the plan upfront until the water level in the reservoirs drop to the danger level... Now, to conserve as much water as possible for future, they have no choice but stopped the supply of water immediately. Not sure who is the adviser, consulted our lovely government to stop when they think it's critical to stop. I bet many of us would have been shouted at the lovely government for not giving early notice for us to keep some water.

As my FB friend said, " This is another project of Barison National (BN)"  If you hope our lovely government will help us... "slow slow wait"
So, now what should we do?
  1. Pray for the mother nature to drop the rain again. 
  2. Learn the rain dance from the native to entertain the god and make them delight to give us some rain
  3. Shower in the gym... now need to know which outlet has water and which outlet got impacted. (Anyone can help?)
  4. Contact friend to look at whether can pop over to their house to do whatever needed.
Any of you have any better idea?

I got another name for our lovely city, Kuala Lumpur... City of NO WATER... muhahaha...    


Small Kucing said... some "wise" men would say...if not satisfied then migrate.

TZ said...

Small Kucing: Oops~