Sunday, February 23, 2014

Singapore Safari Zoo Run 2014 : Unleash the BEASTS in you...

Have you heard about Singapore Safari Zoo Run?  I didn't take part in 2013... this year my friend in Singapore has signed me up for this run... I decided to run 6km and it's a fun run. No stressed but fun... :p

Waiting for my turn to run
This is my first time running in the zoo... A different experience especially have to bare with the stared from different animals during the run. And not many cheer from the organizers cause they have passed their cheering job to the host... :p

If given a choice to choose an animal to run with, who would you choose?

A marketeer?
A sleepy Lion?
An Elephant?
An ostrich?
A mighty white Tiger?
Have you made up your mind? Are you ready to run with your chosen animal? Hehehe... I won't tell me your choice but please do not ask me to choose Turtle eh~

Getting ready for the run
It's time to hit the starting line... On your mark get set GO GO GO~

Waiting for Flag off for 6km Fun Run
Due to great response, the organizer has broken us into few groups for flag-off. I was in Wave #3...  This is a fun run... I spent most of my time taking picture of the animal along the way... we passed by Night Safari and day zoo. I managed to see the Night Safari in daytime ;-)

Come come come~ Take picture...Common word that you will heard most of the time... Fun Eh~

I finished the whole 6km in 1.5 hours... longer than my 10km run. Oops~ But anywhere i gotten my finisher medal too... Yay~ Yay~

6km Fun Run finisher medal
Nice eh~


Small Kucing said...

Go run in Singapore? Very unique medals :)

TZ said...

Small Kucing: Hehehe... running in Singapore is easier... Flat land ;-) But unfortunately not the ZOO.