Monday, February 24, 2014

Aunties = Cars

I was rushing for my exam this afternoon... It's around 12pm. I was rounding for 20 mins to search for a  carpark at the public carpark besides PJ Hilton.

Bingo~ Finally i found a blue color car was ready to come out in front of me. Happily put on my signal to wait for the car to come out. Guess what? Two aunties with umbrella went to the car that were preparing to come out. Initial i thought the aunties wanted to board the car. But there were no sign the aunties going to board the car.

Upon the car came out, the aunties were hijacked my parking space by standing in the middle of the parking, reserving the carpark for her friends whom was driving the car from the other end... WTF~ It was the carpark i found before you. I asked the aunties to leave but they refused and kept pointing at the other friend of them driving the car... I shouted at them...

Me: Hey i'm not gonna to give you this parking space. Get out of my way.
Aunty: *still insist of pointing at her friend whom are driving the car at the aother side*
Me: No way i'm going to give you this. *I honk at the aunty and slowly reversed my car*
Aunty: *discuss between themselves, i couldn't hear what they say*
Me: Hey are you going to leave? * continue to reverse my car, I'm very careful make sure i don't knock into the aunty... and keep pressing the honk to draw everyone attention. Aunty have no choice but give up, walk away*

I parked my car, got down and straight to the pay machine to get the voucher for the parking and place it at the dashboard, and walked away. I don't even want to look at the them... I bet the aunties were cursing me... maybe that's why my exam got postponed. Sigh~

To the three parking space hijacking aunties,
For your own safety, please do not do this again... you were lucky that I was not intend to hurt anyone and calm enough to just shouted at you... Do you know you are so sooooo annoying and easy to agitate someone fierce enough to give you a big slap or punch you in your eyes~ Is this what you are looking for?... LoL~


Small Kucing said...

Phewwww.....I thought talking about me :p *perasan*

Yea la...should not reserve like yhay. First come first part mah. Moreover you hv been waiting there.

TZ said...

Small Kucing: hehehe... if you are my position will you be doing the same thing to ask them to get lost?

[SK] said...

yalah where got such thing??!! who see it first got it first, it's an unspoken rule la, how can the aunties just walk there "living human take up dead space"?? ridiculous la..

and how come the exam can be postponed last minute?? lagi more ridiculous.. :D

Twilight Man said...

Aiyo! Just give way to aunties lah. Where is the kind heart you have been taught by the temple visits? There is no rights and wrongs in this world.

TZ said...

[SK]: LoL @ "living human take up dead space" :p The exam postponed last minutes due to wrong set of questions. Sigh~

Twilight Man: I sure give way to Grandma... BTW, this is not kind hearted or what. The aunties HIJACKED from me. Agreed with you there is no right and wrong in this world. So i can go HIJACKED your house :p

Gratitude said...

I forgot to tell you to be careful coz the aunties may just leave their marks on your paint job.

TZ said...

Gratitude: They dare to do that... I have snapshot three of their photo with their cars ;-)