Thursday, February 27, 2014

Worst Boss

Have you encountered Worst Boss in your career?

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 In the beginning, maybe you are thinking the boss is just a problem boss. But as time goes by... you will reconsider whether him or her is a Worst Boss... I think a worst boss is a boss that do not know how to manage and tap into his or her subordinate strength to get the best out of the employees. The boss just shut off his or her mind after some incident happen or some incorrect verdict from other employees. This kind of boss is a very tough boss to manage i.e. tough boss to work with and DO NOT EXPECT HIGH RETURN!!!

How about this scenario?

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When you encountered these bosses, try to stay calm and move forward. Either trying a way to manage the boss or runaway from the Worst Boss.

I'm curious what is your definition of Worst Boss?



Small Kucing said...

for me its those ruthless boss that push the employee to break the rules though it might effect their rice bowl

TZ said...

Small Kucing: So far i haven't met this kind of boss. Maybe i'm lucky :p