Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photogenic Wednesday - 004

Tables in row... How many of them?

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Anonymous said...

More than 10? :)


11 of them. 1 without the candle cup in front while 1 without the fire on the 5th table (counting from front)... and 9 of them with candle lights on~ :)

Medie007 said...

wat place is this?

[SK] said...

11 tables, the last one being seated.. :)

ladyviral said...

nice picture, I counted 11 tables too :P. But i say it is 12.. including the one you are sitting at? hehehe

TZ said...

Mei Teng: I have no idea how many tables in total... I din count.

L2 : Dude, you are so detail... I din even count myself. I have no answer :p

Medie007: This is taken in The Curve ... :)

[SK]: hehehe... not sure how many dude ... :p

Ladyviral: errrrr... i have no answer myself ... :p