Sunday, September 20, 2009


If I say TOILET? what comes to your mind?

My stomach kept making noise since this morning .... Went in and out toilet for nearly 8 times since morning... It's stopped after i decided to take a nap @ about 3pm and 7pm. I stopped eating but just drinking water... the urge of going to the toilet came in again after my dinner. I went in & out another 2 times. What a celebration for the first day of Hari Raya.

I have no idea what has happened to my stomach... Last night i was watching movie @ KBT with friends and i bought myself a popcorn... i suspected the popcorn has problem but surprisingly the other friends of mine has no problem... So what has happened?

Oops.... gotta go to the toilet again... wish all of you have a happy and fruitful holiday eh!


Jerry said...

I pity your butt.. Must be pretty soar by now... Remember to put more butt moisturiser ya... :P

Jerry said...

Wait a minute..

Sore or soar... Nah, you get the meaning :D

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

haha.. something u drank maybe??

Twilight Zone said...

The pop corn was alright. The Indian guy who scooped it for you probably wanked and never washed his hands. So you ate caramel cumed pop corns! Yum! Yum! Hence, your toilet visits to blek! blek! 8 times! Wahahahahahahaha!

SJ said...

lol. i learnt to use the toilet since we're young. till now we're doing the same thing. xcept for no more potty. haha. speedy recovery yea!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

vincent said...

wakao why u so "lucky"
today still having stomachache, or buttache? haha

TZ said...

Jerry: Not only butt sore... Leg too also sore... the whole body has no energy :(

John Emmanuel Edmund: hmmm... i don't think so, I drank bottle water. :p

Twilight Zone: Grandma how you know it's an indian man. You were not in the cinema with us :p

SJ: hehehe... I hope to recover today .. until now still not going to the toilet for the whole night ... seems like good sign.

Vincent: at this moment don have but i don't know later how? :p