Sunday, September 27, 2009

TZ in class

In an hour i will be attending a whole day class. I signed up for a certification course again and this certification course required me to attend classes every Sunday for the next 4 Sunday. So... 

no Movie on Sunday 
no Hi-tea on Sunday 
no Gym on Sunday
no dating on Sunday
no Afternoon nap on Sunday unless i sleep in class. Blek~
no Party on Saturday night :(
no Gossiping on Sunday (yaya... as if i gossip)

Anyway, just 4 weeks and i will be back to my normal Sunday activities again. Hopefully i will stay awake throughout the class and try to get as much information as possible. :)

Hey, gotta go now otherwise i will be late for my first day of class. Ciao!


SJ said...

yea guys don't waste their precious time gossiping. only girls do that? haha.

From me to you, suejean =)

[SK] said...

OMG, gotta go for classes on Sundays!! this is so killing me, i'm OK with Saturdays but definitely not Sundays!! anyway, enjoy it~~ :)

Bravebear said...

oo... Have fun at class!

uLi.佑莉 said...


Twilight Zone said...

At first I thought Michi was crazy to have classes at UM & OUM on Sundays! Now I must tell michi that TZ is another nut case. LOL

Enjoy lah! Maximize your brains!

Word Verification : money!!!!!!!!

Jerry said...

Jus another 4 weeks I'll finish my first sem of second year..~~~

Paul J said...

ahheemmm you were saying "no dating on sunday" so normally you'll dating with who ar??

William said...

Jangan drama! Belajar rajin-rajin!

Danny said...

gd luck on the course wor..
btw, what course is it huh?

Medie007 said...

someone go back to school. haha

vincent said...

"no dating on Sunday"

wow, this sentence caught my attention :P

focus during classes and don't ogle at girls in class :P kidding


u really love to study~ all da best :)

kenwooi said...

oh my.. your free sunday is gone..
that's bad =(

Gratitude said...

inter-course ka? :P

KY said...

Wow...another creative words from Anton. Anyway, 4 weeks are acceptable la. Maybe grow another 1 inch of fat only lo..hehe.

TZ said...

SJ: errrrr... is there true?

[SK]: What is the difference between Saturday and Sunday... hahaha ... just need to have a mindset change :p

Bravebear: thanks dude... :)

uLi.佑莉 : thanks thanks ...

TZ said...

Twilight Zone: hehehe... i enjoy to learn new things by going to class. I will grab any opportunities to improve myself ... coming up class. Photographing certification :p

Jerry: good to heard that ... All the best and enjoy yourself with you studies eh!

Paul J: hahaha... just list out to fill my list ... kakaka :p

William: kakaka... sure sure :)

Danny: The course is CPIM- Strategic management Resource (SMR). Regarding how to strategically using the resource for a manufacturing company :)

Medie007: hehehe... i always ever ready to go back to school... maybe u will hear that i go to medical school eh~

vincent: hehehe... that's the reason that i place that sentences ... just to caught all of your attention to read on ... blek~

L2: hehehe... yes i did.

kenwooi: oh... it's not that bad as i could get back some good knowledge :)

Gratitude: inter course ... kakakaka :p Is there any course called inter-course?

KY: hahaha... only 4 Sunday .. no fat will grow :p