Friday, October 1, 2010

Last day

This is the last day of working day in the week... and also last day of working for TZ before his 4D3N trip to Penang, the city of good food.

I will be leaving Penang tomorrow morning for 4D3N in Penang. Will be visiting uncles, aunties, cousins, ex-colleagues and friends. Until now i haven't have anything schedule yet. I couldn't make the schedule until i reach Penang tomorrow. I think i have to reserve my dinner tomorrow with my aunties...

Anyway, i'm free on Sunday, maybe just hit the gym for a couple of hours just to maintain my workout schedule. So any suggestion of what i should do in Penang?


Legolas said...

Have fun! I love to buy Beh Teh Soh from Ghee Hiang, or something like that.

Matthew Gan said...

hmm, sounds great la ..

Enjoy and have a safe journey ya!

smallkucing said...

eat oh chien...CKT...asam laksa...drink coconut water by the beach

Paul Figaro J said...

got time slot for me mou?

Twilight said...

I think you know Penang spots better than me now! Have fun!

Gratitude said...

Pls go try out the mee goreng place at Lorong Bangkok. The shop's name is Seng Lee cafe. Heard that the mee is yummilicious.

Safe return ya. Makan kau-kau!

Filip Demuinck said...

Top, all those lights and decorations

TZ said...

Legolas: hahaha... my dad bought so many Him Hiang TSP for his friends. I was so lazy to get one box for my team.

Matthew Gan: thanks ... I'm enjoying myself for this short getaway before hitting back to the hectic job.

Smallkucing: i didn't really get to taste OC, CKT that i eat not nice at all, but i had the famous Laksa :p

Paul Figaro J: Dude, i wanna to join you but i don't have car in the afternoon.

Twilight: is it? This is from a Penangnite... kekekekeee, guess what? Penang is my 2nd HOME.

Gratitude: unfortunately no time for me to taste the mee goreng.

Filip Demunick: i took this two years back during the Chinese New Year. They light up this temple for a month from the 1st day of CNY. Plan a trip to Malaysia eh~