Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Flashback: July - September


What's hot in July... Of course not to forget to mention the World Cup. I seldom watched football but on the month of July, I went for football watching with my boss and colleagues in one of the pub nearby my office.
BTW, what new's for me? I was officially a user of iPhone 3gs... Last but not least, the highlight of the month was I participated the international photographing event i.e. Scott Kelby International Photo Walk in Malacca. The picture was taken during the walk... nice?

Stressful month for me. The project that i handled was so challenging with lots of issues. Time was not enough and moreover required to work long hours and weekends. Luckily i managed to get a short break to Eagle Ranch, Port Dickson with three of my friends to release some of the stress. Nice weekend getaway :)

Nothing much happening in this month... mainly focus and get myself tight up with work, work and work. The hectic work schedule has eaten into my gym time which forced me to switch my gym hour to early morning before heading to office.


Bananazஇ said...

If photography can release stress then I better hop onto the bandwagon and get myself a camera haha. That's a great 3Q now waiting for your grand finale 4Q buddy.

Gabriel said...

wonderful. your 2010 has been quite happening so far, i am sure the 4th Q is more happening?