Saturday, December 18, 2010

Free Coffee from Third Place...

I managed to grab my Grande size free fresh brew coffee

I dropped by Tropicana Mall on my way to office at around 10:15am. When i reached there... there were so many people with working clothes in the outlet. Unfortunately no one actually bring their tumbler to get the free coffee... Sigh~

So anyone of you get the free coffee yesterday?

Hey, i have an idea next year... Let's play a game. How many starbie coffee you can drink within this two hours? To play this game, you need to hop around Starbie outlet to get the coffee... Anyone interested to play this game on Dec 17th 2011?


Small Kucing said... thankiu....later i get insomnia for a week. LOL. I can only manage 1 coffee a day

Medie007 said...

u used tumbler to claim the free drinks ah?

TZ said...

smallkucing: Only can have 1 coffee a day... then don't forget to get one free on Dec 17th 2011 eh~

Medie007: yup... actually not necessary but save environment :)