Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Flashback : October - December

Nothing much to write about for this last quarter of the year... It's just a normal day to day life.


Climate change has given us so much pain and disaster around the world. I think we should have started to learn how to save the environment. On this month, I got invited to an opening of a very meaningful exhibition called Facing the Climate which the world famous cartoonist gathered and exhibited their work regarding climate change. The purpose of this exhibition is to trigger the awareness of how important for us to save the environment.

Short breakaway from my hectic work and followed my friends to Penang for the Penang Bridge Run. I didn't run as i was too tired after a whole weeks of working late. But i had an enjoyable trip thought. Before that weekend, i decided to make a big change which i will blog about it next year. Stay tune for the change eh~

Anyway, the highlight of this quarter yet to come... it's about starting to countdown to year 2011... how many hours to go... Hmmm... Do look at the side banner...  ------>

Anyway, let me show you what i taken on year 2010 countdown @ KLCC...

So how will be this year countdown like... Stay tune eh~

Happy New Year
May all of us have a better year ahead eh~


Gratitude said...

May all be well and happy! ^_^

[SK] said...

hmmmm, i would reckon the countdown will be the same unless you change location?? haha.. happy new year to you.. :)

TZ said...

Gratitude: hope for a good year 2011...

[sk]: agreed with you... This year we got ourself in the curve. I wanted to countdown 2012 @ Singapore.

CH Voon said...

Tz: I wish you enjoy the day! Countdown 40 min to 2011!

I wish you happy new year 2011!

TZ said...

Ch Voon: I'm stuck in the middle of the crowd @ curve. Pack like sardine.