Friday, December 17, 2010

My Third Place

It's not home,
It's not workplace,
It's that special place in between where we meet to awaken our senses
to find inspiration, and
to make lasting connections.

The third place -
This is what we have become for you
our loyal customer, our friend.

Okay, anyone can guess where is the third place?

For the past 1.5 weeks i was studying in this third place... A place that provide a nice couch for me to sit and study. Guess what? I have just gotten my Project Manager Professional (PMP) Certification two days ago.

Anyway, back to this third place... I just obtained two of the trendy organizers...

Starbie 2011 planner

Two 2011 Starbie Planner

Hehehe... the third place is Starbie... Thanks to Bahija and Twilight for helping total 4 stamps on my first 2011 Starbie Planner...

BTW, It's Starbie 12 years birthday today... All Starbie offer free coffee from 10am-12pm... Just dropped by your nearest branch eh~

Happy Birthday Starbie 


Just B3cks said...

Hi TZ! :| i'm MIA for almost 1 year already. SO here I come again.. to be 1st person to comment ur post of the day.

Do u usualy go starbuck for study? not noisy?

TZ said...

Just b3cks: I choose those starbie which is not so noisy. Also have to depends on the crowds.

Danny said...

nice cover on the planner .. u really SB die hard fans horr? ;p

Medie007 said...

i was caught up in the ward till 12... :(

[SK] said...

aiyah, i missed the free coffee leh..

TZ said...

Danny: yup... I'm the royal customers of Starbie :)

Medie007: too bad you have to wait for another year.

[SK]: Start the countdown now... 364 days to go :p

Twilight said...

Oh it's grandma's utmost pleasure to see you happy with your Starbie's planner. So I own at least 4 pages of your book, right? LOL