Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Wet Thai Cafe Bandar Puteri Puchong

Day before
My friend text me...
Text --> Hey wana hv din wt .... 6:30pm 2moro at Bandar Puteri?

I accept the invitation but not sure where were we going... only know somewhere in Puchong.

On the Day
I had made an appointment and went for my hairdo @ Shawn Cutler, Bangsar. Didn't get my friend's text regarding the dinner venue. So i text him. He replied...
Text --> A Wet Thai Restaurant, b puteri. It is in google.

To my disappointment, I could not find the A Wet Thai Cafe in Bandar Puteri in the Google Map. The result shown Cheras. Later, i went into some food blog and found the full address. Type it to the Google Map and found the exact location.

The timing was so perfect. I reached there same time as my friend as i saw them while they are in the carpark. We sat down and my friend started the ordering... I was glad that i don't need to order. Few minutes later we were done with the order.

So any idea what we have ordered?...
The whole table was full of food but the amount was just nice for 4 person.

Pineapple fried Rice, Paku Pakis, Tom Yam, Green Curry Chicken

Yummy Pork Neck dish

fish wrap with salt and bbq

Water Chestnut dessert

So now, are you hungry now?


Small Kucing said...

darn! lucky i just makan esle will famish like mad. Love the look of the rice , pakis , dessert and especially the fish. Dont much like the look of the curry and tompam. Look like full of santan

[SK] said...

yeah, nice one!! typical thai food, and i think the pork looks really delicious..

Twilight said...

The food looks good but how much was the total? Worth it?

Medie007 said...

ooo tak halal one ah?

TZ said...

Smallkucing: that's the fun that make people hungry in the middle of the night :p

[SK]: The pork is the nicer dish among all... yum yum.

Twilight: food wise it's tasty, environment wise not that impress. Price wise a bit on the high side. Overall, i would rate no really value for money.RM148.80 for 4 person. Each around RM37.

Medie007: yup...