Friday, April 29, 2011


If you are a cantonese, you will not choose this number. Why? Reason being, if you pronounce this number in cantonese "Yak Yak Sei" meaning everyday die.

I went to the gym yesterday night @ the Curve for my RPM challenge. When i stepped into the locker room. All the lockers were fully occupied except the locker #114 which was the only one not taken on the top row. For me, i will not care about the number that bring me luck or not. As long as the locker is secure and workable. I will take it.

I saw one person came in to the locker room, went through most of the locker. I think he was very picky on the number... finally he settled with a locker end with 8. how you pronounce 8 in cantonese? your will hear "Fatt" not the fart eh~. As a result, number which end with 8 has become popular among chinese.

So, are you particular with the number you will get?


[SK] said...

i'm not particular about this lor, even locker #444 i'll still use it.. :D

Danny said...

i got 4 in my hp no., car reg. no., home add.,. i just dun care.. in fact, i'm a lil bit pantang with 8... cos it's so ;p

Small Kucing said...

Malay would like this number as it translated to satu satu dapat

Medie007 said...

i got 4 4s in my phone number. no wonder so die.

Vin said...

I like locker numbers ending with 7. :)