Monday, May 2, 2011

Rio Angry Bird

On March 2011, there is another set of story came out ... no longer piggy stole the eggs. This round the angry birdies were shipped to Rio. Brazil.

I have downloaded the RIO Angry bird free version. It's nice to play... Hmmm... Should i buy the full version for USD0.99?


Small Kucing said...

I thought Rio the movie

Medie007 said...

they should sing "welcome to rio"

Gratitude said...

Somebody was an angry bird over the weekend too! :p Rofl

[SK] said...

haha, i never will buy any games lor, not even downloading any apps that needs to pay, haha~~ :D

TZ said...

Smallkucing: Rio is a movie but it's also gotten the games related to Angry birdie.

Medie007: Hahaha... how should they sing :p

Gratitude: Of cause, those piggy were not doing their things :(

[SK]: just USD0.99 only for those IT folks hardwork. Don't you think it's worth?