Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Doing Business while having Business Meeting

For the IT technology company, the trend is to allow its employees to have a flexi working hour. Especially those team that support globally. The moment you woke up in the morning, there will be meeting until the moment before you hit the sacks, meeting still goes on.

So nowadays, working from home is another trend for most IT companies. As long as the work done, the company and boss will not bother what you are doing. So to be creative to save some time. A colleagues of mine just do his business while attending the business meeting. Before i proceed, just wanna to do a check here. What would you thinking when you see this title?

Thanks to the technology of wireless on phone and connection. Basically you can do meeting anywhere and everywhere. So while you are doing your business, you could attend the business meeting. "Doing Business" in this case means that you are having a dump... :p Why i think of this? I have a ex-colleagues who always attend the business meeting in the toilet and one day he forgot to mute. During the meeting, he flushed the toilet after done his dump. The flushing sound came into the meeting, the whole meeting stopped and everyone just kept quiet. Follow by the laughed. What a embarrased moment for him eventhough we could not see his facial expression and his naked body *wink*

Another colleague of mine wishes to have a water proof telephone so that he could take a shower while attending the business meeting... I could not figure how to take a shower while having meeting. Can someone please paint the scenario :p

So what would you think? Will you have your business meeting while you are doing your own business?


Small Kucing said...

really workaholic ah?? shower also wanna make biz calls

[SK] said...

no lor, if i need to do my business i need to concentrate.. if i need to voice out in the business meeting, i cannot do my business lor..

Gratitude said...

Do you always strip all whenever you take a dump? :P lolz

eugene said...

Remember lol, what works no play will make someone a dull boy kan?

anyway for me i still prefer to work in a proper office unless my home cum house has all the view that i want,,,, a nice solely working room, a lot of green tress and plants plus i have the money to stop whenever i want to,,,,a swimming pool and tennis court and a gym ,,,hahahah then i consider having my own home office

take care bro, long time so come

CH Voon said...

it is interesting have a meeting inside the toilet. wakakaka

i thought most of time of meeting conversation is video conferee...

anyhow, it is quite freedom and relax... to have work at home

Harry smith said...

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