Friday, April 29, 2011

Satu makan Dua mau, Dua makan Toilet Mau

Let me translate the title of this post... of cause for those who don't understand Malay...
"Satu makan Dua Mau, Dua Makan Toilet mau" means The first one you eat, you ask for more, the more you eat you go to toilet later" I was being curse on eating too many buffet since last Friday.

Friday --> Damai Laut : BBQ Seafood Buffet by the sea
Saturday --> Chicken Rice for lunch, Duck noodles for dinner, Hotdog bun for Supper
Sunday --> Duck noodles for lunch, Dinner Tenji (Japanese Seafood buffet)
Monday --> mix rice for lunch, fried banana for snack, soup and bbq chicken wings for dinner/supper.
Tuesday --> Burger for lunch, mom's cooking for dinner.

On Tuesday night, I'm not feeling well already. I feel so bloated and feverish. I didn't go to the toilet until the next day. The first time visiting to the toilet sounds bi le ba lah and the browish, yellowish fluid type of dump out from my ass. You know what i meant eh~ Anyway, it was an uncomfortable day, i in and out the toilet for total 6 times. Luckily, i was working from home... So accessing the toilet was not a problem. :(

Finally, I recovered from the stomachache after a day of pass motion. I felt better and went to office today. 


[SK] said...

you ate too much, and i guess after 6 times of toilet trips, all that you have eaten are cleared from you~~ :p

Small Kucing said...

download all so that can upload more

Medie007 said...