Thursday, July 21, 2011


The 三点三 originated from Hong Kong as the Hong Kong People take their afternoon tea break @  3:15pm.  I have been in the training since Monday and we have our tea break @ 3:15pm everyday too for 10 mins. It's not enough time to get some food from the cafeteria downstair.

One of my colleague said she wanna to get the Jagung (sweet corn) from the cafeteria.

Petronas Twin Tower
Colleague A: i'm going to buy Jagung from cafeteria now.

Me: Oh you are going to buy Petronas Twin Tower and eat it.

Colleague A: i only will get one jagung.

Me: Make it two so that i can officially announce you bought and ate Petronas Twin Tower.
Colleague A: you are bored hor... start talking none sense.

Colleague B: So anyone wants to eat Berjaya Time Square?
Colleague C: What do you mean eat Berjaya Time Square? how to eat Berjaya Time Square?
Colleague B: hahaha... if TZ said Jagung = Petronas Twin Tower. Then brownie = Berjaya Time Square.
Colleague C: hmmm... yummy~ Let's buy and eat Berjaya Time Square.
Me : Wow~ all of you learnt fast eh~ Anyone want KL tower?

Colleague A, B, C: What is KL tower?
Me : Guess...

Anyway, any of you know the answer? what food when you eat i could said "you are eating KL Tower"? ...


Small Kucing said...

KL Tower? My guess is Karaoke...looks like a mic

Twilight Man said...

Is it hamsap food?

Vin said...

A lollipop!

Gratitude said...


Medie007 said...

yeah, lollipop?

TZ said...

Small kucing: It's a type of food not object :p

Twilight Man : What food is hamsap food?

Vin: Bingo~

Gratitude : Who sampat!

Medie007: you got it ;-)