Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Salted Swimming Pool

I was @ the drinking station sipping the 100+ ... Suddenly i overheard the conversation about the pool which i think it's so funny

Member A: hey after the steps class, it's nice to go for a swim.
Member B: I went weeks before and tasted the water in the pool. It's so salty.
Member A: Eeee... that's why i don't want to go, those members after workout must have just jumped into the pool without taking any shower.
Member B : Agreed i saw a couple of them, they are so unhygienic.  No wonder the water tasted so salty.

I was laughing loud inside the moment i heard their conversation. How many peoples' sweat to make the pool water become salty... the two members obviously have no brain. Moreover, they didn't know that the pool in Fitness First Empire Gallery is actually the sea salt water which is good for skin. 

So i told this story to one of my friend who always swim in the pool... 
Me: You know what? there were two members saying that members in the gym always jump into the pool without showering after their workout. Therefore the sweat has made the water become salty. 
Friend: *Laughing out loud* must as well saying that members lazy to go to toilet to pee... and they just pee in the pool. Hence the pool is salty now.
Me: *Laughing*...

Anyway, please take note, the pool in FF Empire is a SEA SALT WATER POOL.


[SK] said...

forgive their ignorance, hahahaha!! the one in MV Celebrity is also salt water pool..

reanaclaire said...

wow.. so now the swimming pools are using sea salt! no more chlorine?

ChrisAu said...

hahahha..i wouldn't know that too!

Twilight Man said...

They used packet salts and stir into the swimming pool. So simple and chlorine still inside dei..

Gratitude said...

Oooo salt-water crocs at Empire!

Medie007 said...

i never know too!

thompsonboy said...

I also donch know

TZ said...

[SK] : Hahaha... not many people knew that... so many ignorance out there :p

Reanaclaire: Only those swimming pool in the gym. Those old fashion pool still using Chlorine. It's cheaper :p

ChrisAu: Now you know :p Are you a member of Fitness First?

Twilight Man: You seen them putting the salt into the swimming pool?

Gratitude: Hmmm... don't get what you means salt-water crocs?

Medie007: hahaha.. you also don't know ;-) Then you should join member A and member B.

Thompsonboy: hahaha... join the group.

Twilight Man said...

Have you not heard of cooking salt, kitchen salt, pure salt and sea salt? They used sea salt lah. Did you think that they carried sea water from the ocean to place inside swimming pool? Then they need to transport clean sea water from Pulau Redang to KL...cos the Klang sea is so dirty with bacteria!