Friday, July 15, 2011


" This is not a ballroom dancing class " said the instructor.
This class was introduced recently in Fitness First and guess what? i have started to hit this class since the LOSE IT program claimed whoever took up the program will be able to lose weight. Is this effective... hmmm  so far i haven't see the result yet as i only attended two classes. Yesterday evening was my 2nd class. So what is LOSE IT!

Are you convince to join the class now? I have marked my calendar to join this class every Thursday @ Fitness First 1Mont Kiara. BTW, I'm yet to attend Dave's conducted class on LOSE IT!. I bet it will be even more fun if he is teaching.


smallkucing said...

I wanted to join but I cant...if i lose anymore weight the docs going to have me admitted

Medie007 said...

butt got pain or not? :P

Twilight Man said...

Once my training habis, I will attend classes with you.

TZ said...

Smallkucing: oh... then better not join.

Medie007: No butt pain. But quad and inner thigh sore. Your butt pain?

Twilight Man: Come and join and i will make sure the instructor torture you :p

Twilight Man said...

CB! I am gonna bite you!