Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Free PT session

I was walking into the gym yesterday night. Bump into Twilight Man and his Personal Trainer (PT). So his PT was asking when i would like to sign up for PT session... "hmmm....errrrr.... " said me.

Then all of sudden, the PT offered me a free trial session. He quickly drag me over to the PT counter and pull his scheduler out and try to fit me into his session.

PT: How about Wednesday 8pm?
Me: I could not make it, i have a meeting.
PT: How about Thursday 7pm?
Me: I have training this two weeks and the training ended on 6pm. Might not be able to reach 1MK on time for training. 
Me: How about next Monday? 
PT: Monday too late... what about Friday?
Me: Friday i'm okay, how about 8pm? 
PT: Okay see you @ 8pm.

So, now i gotten a free trial PT session but of cause no obligation... Now, i'm thinking if i decided to sign up for PT session, I just don't know what is my target... request him to train me to have a 8 packs abs? and to have a nice arm? and nice back and chest? and ....

Anyway, I had PT few years back if you read my post about my PT sessions. Now really not sure whether should i get a PT?


Twilight Man said...

Of course I told him you are my super best friend on earth. LOL.
8 Abs, don't dream dei..! So susah and I have dislocated my poor shoulder.

Small Kucing said...

LOOL...so what's your aim? Still got 3 days to decide :p

kbguy (福生) said...

having a PT would be nice if you can afford. Hope to see your photo b4 after ..
Will follow you.

[SK] said...

oh, i think most probably you'd be persuaded to buy the PT sessions huh??

foongpc said...

Why do you need a PT? I think it's just a waste of money. But that's me lah haha! Unless you got money to throw, then the PT will provide you some encouragement and motivation, but I think if you are already experienced in the gym, no need PT lah : D

foongpc said...

OMG! The word verification is ATECOP !!! : D

TZ said...

Twilight Man: hmmm.... you don't belief i will have 8 packs abs ? Maybe i should give the PT this challenge and i will control my diet :p

small kucing : 8 packs abs and nice muscular arm with the cut.

kbguy (福生): How to show you before and after ?

[SK]: don't think he will be very pushie to ask me to sign up.

foongpc: I could not hit my target with workout by my own... why not we work out together. You push me and i push you :p

Twilight Man said...

Do it! Do it! Do it! I wanna seeeeee!

TZ said...

Twilight Man: Challenge me? How about let's do it at the same time see who gets the 8 abs :p