Friday, June 29, 2012

Patong Beach - No Swimming please!

There were lots of these flags along the beach to warn people not to swim due to the strong current.
By the way, the warning flag actually stated "Dangerous Strong Current, No swimming here" I did not swam but was walking and taking photo with the red flag. Is this okay?


Small Kucing said...

oooo itu macam

Twilight Man said...

Were you wearing anything? If no, then it was dangerous lah!

foongpc said...

LOL @ Twilight Man's comments : D

foongpc said...

Walk sure can, just no swimming only what : )

TZ said...

small kucing: the red flag suppose to be in the middle of the water. But at that time the water already receded.

Twilight Man: Full clothes... I'm a shy guy ;-)

Foongpc: Why you laugh @ Twiligh man's comment? LoL @ Foongpc 2nd comment.