Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dragon fly away, Snake sneak out...

Today is the last day of Dragon year... as my animal zodiac, this year was NOT a very good year. Just a normal year which i still have my job, enough money to survive, i bought couples of TOTO but only strike RM4 in Malacca once. Still have people who loves me. Hmmmm.... other than that it's a very quiet and non excited year.

Since the Dragon going to fly away and the snake is sneaking out... I hope the coming year will be better for me. I went to TIMES two three weekend back to read the projection of the Zodiac Animal for Year of Snake from Lillian Too. Anyone a fans of her?

Then i went into the internet to read some of the other prediction... All of them have the common said.
1. It's good time for me to switch job. So what job should i take?
2. I have luck on wealth for this year. Hmmm... so i should buy more TOTO, 4D and 6D too.
3. I'll enjoy traveling around for this year... not sure what it's mean but i'm looking forward for my vacation

Errrr... what else? ...

Anyway, do you believe on these kind of prediction?


MEcoy said...

well what ever water snakes has to give i just hope this year will be more generous on you

TZ said...

MECoy: let's hope we have a better year :)