Friday, September 26, 2014

Coffee Place : Epique coffee company

So many coffee place in Malaysia... there are light the mushroom growing rapidly. Last week, I went to this small coffee place called Epique Coffee Company which located at Empire Damansara.

Epique coffee company
I purchased the coffee latte and my friend got the ice white chocolate.

Coffee Latte from Epique Coffee Company
Epique Coffee Company
Sitting there in the coffee, i just wondered what is this cafe specialty. Google for some information about this cafe. What is their specialty... etc. What i found in most of the people whom been to this cafe, according to them, Epique signature is Gula Malacca Banana Cake...

Gula Malacca Banana Cake
Just a normal banana cake with Gula Malacca...
Overall this place is nice in term of ambiance, coffee and cake is just so so only. The place is quiet and it's good place to catch up with your friends.


Small Kucing said... more and more people are enjoying coffee.

Twilight Man said...

Looks good to hang out there. Why boh jio?

Have you tried the Artisan Roast at TTDI? They sell their coffee beans to so many cafes in KL.

TZ said...

Small Kucing: Actually quite a number of coffee place is selling the experience not the coffee. :p

Twilight Man: hahaha... next time i jio you. Yes~ I been to Artisan Roast at TTDI, not really enjoy as it's very small and full of people ;-)