Saturday, September 27, 2014

On swinging like a monkey

Fitness First Avenue K has installed a racks of functional workout... It has becoming quite popular outlet after its make over on reflecting the latest Fitness First Rebranding. They have installed some new tools and workout equipment. One of them is

Functional Workout Rack - Monkey Bar (the Gray rack)
The Monkey Bar rack was for those members whom wanted to workout their arms and abs... this workout rack is a whole body functional workout. Not really fully utilized at this moment as not many people able to swing from one bar to another. 

Back to the Monkey Bar Workout... I was trying to swing myself from one bar to another... the most i can finished was 5 bars which not even 1/3 of the total bars. Anyway, i'm trying to reach as many as i could on my next attempt. One bar at a time~ :p

Anyone has tried this workout?

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