Tuesday, September 23, 2014

High chance to ditch my Hong Kong trip

My friends and I have planned the Hong Kong trip for months and I'm looking forward to go to Hong Kong. I never been to Hong Kong other than Hong Kong International Airport which i have been there many times. If everything runs perfectly, this trip would be after my exam for this semester i.e. Oct 21st - Oct 26th 2014.

The "Potong Stem" news came about yesterday evening during my dinner with my friend. I was a bit upset as i have given an heads up to the MBA course coordinator to ask him to ensure we do not have any exam during the Deepavali period. As a result the an unofficial schedule drop on the Oct 22nd 2014. Sad eh~

It's not that i have to celebrate Deepavali like my Indian classmate, guess what? i was the only one who concern the exam schedule... So my Indian Classmate actually kept quiet when i raised my concern, one of them even challenge me as if I'm celebrating Deepavali... I told her, i'm not but i would like to plan a getaway from the city of potholes to the Pearl of the Oriental. (City of Potholes vs Pearl of the Oriental - which is your choice?)

Now, my plan has to put on hold until the final schedule is out... The air ticket to Hong Kong is going to be more and more expensive as the departure date is getting closer... and i might have to make a call on TO GO or NOT TO GO... What would be the decision?



Twilight Man said...

What a shock that you have never visited HKG!!!! My passports has the most chops of HKG inside. You will love this crazy and stressed place.

TZ said...

Twilight Man: Will see once i'm there :)