Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On going to TRX 45 mins Circuit Class by Jacq Ng

I managed to hit the gym at around 5pm yesterday. I straightaway went to see the class schedule for 5ish class... Any class i could attend, wanted to kick start my week with a light workout especially NO GYM for the past 4 days.

5:15pm was the TRX class by Jacq Ng. I quickly changed to my exercise attire, went to the front desk for registration, walked over to the group exercise main studio. Jacq  was there preparing for the class. He actually saw me looking at the board earlier.

He was surprised that i changed so quickly and headed to his class. BTW, i was surprised as he addressed me by my full name. Wow~ how you know my full name? After some thought, i think he knew my full name is because he is the Personal Training Manager in 1MK and i have signed up for so many PT sessions with his team. So, should not have any surprise he knew me by name eh~ :-)

Back to TRX, it was a circuit class and Jacq being a pleasant and encouraging facilitator. He has made the class very enjoyable, 45 mins passed so quickly and we really have a good workout since options were given to us. In additional,  he encouraged us to listen to our own body... Some of the exercise i just have to forgo since i have lost some momentum/stamina without going to gym for 4 days.You must be thinking how could this happen, but for a core gym person like me... it makes a different kub~

For those people who don't know what is TRX and never see TRX,  here is a video clip...


Twilight Man said...

He is the best qualified PT around who doesn't have airs.

TZ said...

Twilight Man: Agreed with you. I like his class too~ Why don't you sign up PT with him?