Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hazy? Misty?... Are disaster and raining days coming?

How do you feel if you sit travel on the boat and you hardly can see where are you heading, no visibility like the picture...

Insecure due to cannot see things clearly in front?
Hopefully nothing bad will happen? 
Keep praying?
A lot of unknown... 

So this could describe what happen and how i felt after hearing the Budget 2016. What will be Malaysia future? How are we going to survive with the hazy government, spending like water yet telling everyone we have money constraint.... hardly can see plan to fix the Ringgit dropping... So what do you think? 

After the hazy day... once you can see, it might have been the raining and disaster days... So let's prepare ourselves and get ready for the disaster and raining day in ahead of us eh~ 


Small Kucing said...

god knows.

TZ said...

Small Kucing : Not sure can i ask >.<