Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sembawang White Bee Hoon Restaurant @ Singapore

Believe or Not people just queue up for food in Singapore. One of my friend queued up 2 hours just to have this...

Cha Siew Pau

When she told me, I was like... why? I still can't believe people will queue up 2 hours for a 饱 ...

Another friend of mine told me this Sembawang White Bee Hoon Restaurant also need to queue for 2-3 hours... My first reaction was I can skip it... No way i will queue for food. It's really pack if you see the picture that adapted from Juicyfingers 

Picture from Juicyfingers
Guess what? My friend bought me to taste this White Bee Hoon in this restaurant last Sunday. Of course it was not as pack as what the picture shown in Juicyfingers blog. Otherwise, you will not see me eating in the shop. Neither do my friend who also no patient to wait for food.

Hazy day, Singaporean chosen not to go out. Blast aircon to get rid of the burning smell. Maybe this is one of the reason why this restaurant lost its SIGNATURE... QUEUE~

The food is very nice and i don't mind to pay a visit in the future.


foongpc said...

Wow! The food must be very good! But no way I will queue for food no matter how nice!

TZ said...

Foongpc: Last Sunday it was not as many people as shown in picture taken by JuicyFinger. We managed to get a table within 15 mins. The Mee Hoon is simple and tasty.

Just B3cks said...

haha! we share somthing in common. I don't like to que too! When I am still in Singapore last time, I rarely que for food too except one time when Din Tai fung offer 50% discount back in 2010. (and me n the x-bf que for 2hr)

[SK] said...

that's the queuing culture I guess, the more people are in line, the more excited the people are!! haha, that is why you see businesses hire people to line up outside the shop on their opening day to create a "phenomenon"..

anyway, the beehoon looks good with so many 料 in it..

TZ said...

Just B3cks : hehehe... I'm in patient when come to queuing for food even they offer 50% off.

[SK]: The 料 in the beehoon made the taste... Simple fresh ingredient is the key to the tasty beehoon. I would say it's worth trying. But if you ask me to queue for an hour... Hmmm... I still think i will just pass~