Monday, October 26, 2015


Last Saturday, when i don't know what to have for lunch in JayaOne~ I dropped by Wendy since there is the simplest and faster lunch before 2pm investment sharing. Walked over to the counter and saw a food that reminds me of the days back in Canada...

Are you a fan of basketball? 

You must be wondering what is WESMEN in my post title. WESMEN is my University basketball and volleyball team. As a student, we usually get free games to watch when the team is at its HOME i.e. back in their own home ground. It was fun watching live with all the cheering, shouting and booing... etc. Not to forget we also have the vuvuzela that cheered the team.

Let me see whether i could find a youtube clip of the WESMEN playing at HOME. 

What you usually have for munching when you watch sports? In Canada, we would have one glass of Labatt Ice and the food that made me think of Canada...

Nacho with Cheese
Yes~ It's nacho with cheese... Yummy eh~

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