Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mai พะโลั

What is พะโลั ?

I was on the way to Penang this morning and dad decided we should stop over Kampar for his favourite Char Keow Tiao @ one coffee shop in Kampar that we visited on our last trip.

Unfortunately the Char Keow Tiao no open today. So, we have no choice but gets something else to eat. I turned and saw this พะโลั  on the menu... so i decided to place a order. This is the bowl of so called พะโลั

I snapped a picture and sent a copy to my friend in Thailand and guess what he came back with... "mai (in thai means Not) พะโลั na kub"... Oops~ he said " I think this is Kuay Jubb na kub".

So, i google and found out there is one youtube video teaching on how to make พะโลั

My next trip to Thailand... i must to try พะโลั na kub.


Jino Lenard Lim said...

looks like a common street food in thai. I could be wrong... saw many similar pork in jatuchak haha. why not try cooking?

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TZ said...

Jino Leanrd Lim : It is a common street food in Thailand. Since am going to BKK next month. Should try that before trying to cook ;-)