Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year @ Penang

I'm a metropolitan Kuala Lumpur guy. Lots of people wondered why i celebrated Chinese New Year (CNY) @ Penang. Reason being is that my uncles, aunties and cousins were in Penang. So every year my parents decides to celebrate our CNY @ Penang.

Day 1 Penang - Kuala Kangsar - Penang
I woked up @ about 9am and changed to my Nike Pro. This CNY i wore very sporty :-p

Left Penang for Kuala Kangsar to pay my uncle and aunty a visit. Lunch @ Kuala Kangsar. My aunty has cooked her specialty dish which is yam fried with Seafood. After lunch, i did nothing but just sat @ the living room chatting with my cousins at the same time watching some TV. My initial plan was to take some picture of Kuala Kangsar but i cancelled the plan as it was so hot outside.

We had dinner @ one of the local restaurant.

After the dinner we drove back to Penang.

Day 2 - Penang
Woked up about 10am. Got ready and left for my another uncle place for lunch. My aunt has cooked her specialty too, the Fish noodles and fried seafood noodles. Yummy! Drool drool!

After the lunch, my parents went back to the other aunty place (where we stayed). I stayed back and chatting with my cousins and his friends. It was a pleasant afternoon. We had our dinner @ a restaurant near Green Lane. After the dinner, we went back to my aunty place (where we had lunch).

Day 3 - Penang
Dropped my parent to Bali Hai for breakfast. My dad has breakfast date with his secondary schoolmate @ Bali Hai for Dim Sum. After dropping them, i headed to Fitness First @ Island Plaza. I done 1/2 hr X-training cardio and attended the Bodypump class by Celia. Almost every tracks were tough for me as i carried more weight that i used to... LoL. We stopped by my aunt's place for lunch. Aunt's cooked us noodles and beef ball for lunch.

At about 3pm, my cousin and I headed over to G-Hotel Chilis to meet Mahen (my bartender friend working @ Chilis). My cousin and i sat @ Chilis for about 3 hrs. During this 3 hrs we had 2 drinks, i had Boston Tea and Brandy Alexender. These drink is very nice ... Yummy!

Headed back to my aunty place (where i stayed) and have a small gathering with some potluck food. Since i had too much nacho chips during the drinking @ Chilis. I ate very little which shocked my aunt... :-p

Day 4 Penang - Kuala Lumpur
Woked up @ about 7:30am. Took a shower and headed to the temple for some prayer. This has been the tradition in my family during the 4th day of CNY. We usually went to a temple near the Penang Hill. It was so crowded and we almost waited for an hour to get the slot for praying.

Left from the temple straight to hit the highway. The highway has congested @ Juru toll. The highway was still smooth moving with lots of car after the toll.

Arrived KL @ about 4:30pm and it was a tired trip...

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keeyit said...

Meeting relatives also not bad ma

TZ said...

Keeyit: Agreed! meeting relatives was not bad but gossiping among relative will have some damage :-p

Anonymous said...

wah....u involve in the gossiping meh? ahah...

Must a joyful CNY for u ah..

Chev said...

LOL... i hate the gossiping part too :)
I managed to meet up with some of my primary and secondary school classmates this CNY :)

When is your next trip to Penang? :)

TZ said...

Dalantau: Sometime i have no choice but join the gossiping :-p

Chev: i'm going to meet up my secondary school classmate tomorrow... :-> Me too... i don't like the gossiping :-p