Monday, February 4, 2008

Another certification for Supply Chain

I just got to know that there is a profession certification on Supply Chain. This is a one paper/module kind of certification. One you pass the certification, you would be able to obtain the title Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP). This title is a world recognized title from APICS.

Here are some information from I'm finding out the course fee and schedule from the DB business where i studied my CPIM rite now.

What is the APICS CSCP?
The APICS CSCP brings your company’s entire value chain into perspective. By giving you a truly end-to-end view of the supply chain, you become the expert, not just within your organization’s walls—you become the global expert.
From manufacturing to service, in business and consumer markets, the increasingly important role of effective supply chain management affects all organizations. Customer expectations are high—with the APICS CSCP, you can ensure that your company not only meets, but exceeds them.

Is APICS CSCP Right for You?
Earning an APICS certification can take you from a qualified candidate to a sought-after expert. Around the world, APICS certification designees are recognized, promoted, hired, and paid more.
Especially in today’s growing and changing supply chain management field, to maintain your competitive edge, you must continuously increase your knowledge, skills, and expertise. Stay competitive with the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional certification.


keeyit said...

Oooh you know supply chain.. really hard to find people who got this kind of knowledge one..

You sure got high paid lol.. hehe

TZ said...

Keeyit: All the while, i'm working in the automation department providing solution to a manufacturing company (internal software house). I'm planning to get the CSCP to expand my scope not only just covering Manufacturing... :-> Pay wise at this moment not that good lah! lol haha....