Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday @ Penang...

I was having fun @ Chilis G-Hotel for the past 3 days. Since last Sunday, i visited Chilis everyday for three conservative days... Visited my friend in Chilis Penang.

My Counsin, her boyfriend, Monika (my colleague) and I have visited Chilis after our lunch with my aunts. We sat there for the whole afternoon and chatting with Mahen (the bartender) while sipping our drinks that he made for us.

I went down to the gym and workout for an hour plus... Called up Monika for dinner but she was having stomach upset since morning. She decided to skip dinner. After shower, i dropped by Chilis and met Mahen. Ordered Oldtimer burger and as usual sipping the nice drink made by Mahen.

Monika and I decided to leave the office early at about 4:30pm to avoid the jam. (we caught in the jam on Monday evening before the Penang Bridge interchange) So, to avoid the peak hour we decided to go back to the hotel and continued our discussion after the dinner.

We met up @ the lobby @ 7pm and headed to FoodLoft for dinner. CC and Kwan (my two other colleagues) walked over from Evergreen were joining us for dinner. Foodloft is located @ Plaza Gurney and this restaurant serves Fusion food. It was a nice restaurant with the contemporary theme. They settled us @ my usual table by the windows overlook the sea... :-)

After the dinner, we went over to Starbucks for some serious discussion. Could not blog about what our discussion (sorry!)... anyway, we discussed for about 1 hours+ and finished about 10pm. Before heading back to the hotel, I dropped by Chilis for some nice drinks. I happened to carry my D70 SLR with me and took a number of pictures for the tz-photo repository :->


ch_leong said...

I hope I were there

TZ said...

ch_leong: thanks for dropping by eh!... i just out from jail few hours back... hehehe :-p

Iml said...

Penang sounds like a in place huh. To think that me, a penangite is not aware of all the happenings in town. Must check this out this next time I'm in Penang.

TZ said...

iml: Before i started work... Penang is one of the place i just come for vacation. But for the past year, my company has sent me to Penang regularly. I saw the change on Penang in term of the happening place for hanging out. Not like the past, Penang famous for its hawkers stall and not so happening. I think you should check out next time you are in Penang :->