Friday, February 15, 2008

Mr. Chung & family visit

This is nineth day of Chinese New Year... I belief every Chinese would like to get some extra pocket money and the hokkien called HUAT Arrrr.... :->

By the way, I asked my friends, Mr.Chung & family to visit you later today! They are Chung Ma Piu, Chung Tai Choi, Chung ToTo and Chung 4D will be there to wish you Best of Luck for the Chinese New Year 2008. Don't worry. Chung SaMan is out of town this whole year... :->


For those who don't get the joke ... let me elaborate then...
"Chung" in cantonese means "strike"
"MaPiu, ToTo, 4D and TaiChoi" is different kinds of lottery
"SaMan" is the ticket given by traffic police on traffic voilation including Speeding ticket, illegal parking ticket etc.

So, have Mr.Chung & family paid you a visit so far... if not, let's wish for Mr.Chung & family visit but hopefully Chung SaMan is still out of town .... :-p

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