Saturday, February 2, 2008

Farewell lunch & Water Polo

Feb 1st 2008 marked a day for one of my lunchmate Jia Yu was leaving the company. I lost another lunchmate :'( Anyway, I'm happy for him... All the best Jia Yu

We had a farewell lunch for him

TZ and Jia Yu

After the lunch, we have a farewell water polo game for Jia Yu... I was not playing as i had a Personal Training session @ 5pm Fitness First Summit...

Preparing the gate for Water Polo

I have the ball... i will throw into the gate

Where is the ball?

Visit tz-photo for more pictures... I managed to capture some video clips too. I had posted all the video clips into the youtube @ tzlife. ENJOY Eh!


Anonymous said...

where was this? your house is it? some more got big swimming pool for playing water polo.

Not forgotten, happy belated birthday. A year older, a year wiser, there's a big need, for you to get married. Haha...

TZ said...

Dalantau: thanks. The water polo even is held in Cyberjaya Community Club not my house... btw, my condo do have a nice swimming pool but no one wanna to travel to downtown for the game :-p

Bengbeng said...

happy Chinese New Year to you and will u accept a happy belated birthday? i dont know how i ended up here in yr blog but i was surfing here n there and then it was my pleasure to stop here :)

TZ said...

BengBeng: Thanks for the birthday wish. BTW, thanks for dropping by :->