Saturday, February 16, 2008

You've Got Mail

I'm watching this 1998 movie @ RTM 2 now. This movie has brought some memory to me as i watched this with my ex-girlfriend. Although it's a past but i still remembered clearly because i have the soundtrack with some of the songs that we liked... :->

i like the expression when Tom Hanks lied to Meg Ryan... this is unreal as how could this happened. But i could not disagree completely with the internet technology nowadays... Let's ask how many couples actually met online and got married in this world... I think a lot LoL
Anyone have some story to share on this?


narrowband said...

I can understand what you're feeling. I have a similar experience. Some songs, especially soundtracks from movies you've watched together, somehow brings about some kind of emotion each time you listen to them.

It's a pity because some of the songs are really nice songs on their own, but because they are associated with unhappy events that happened to ourself, listening to that nice song doesn't seem to be a really enjoyable thing to do after all.

winniethepooh said...

i met mine online...might be urs is somewhere out there too :)

Iml said...

Never gets tired of watching this movie. The songs, Meg,Tom, the nephew and the dog! It's so innocently romantic.

TZ said...

Narrowband: At least i'm not the only one ... :-p Agreed with you, some songs are good song... but :-> Anyway, it's the past.

Winniethepooh: Nice to hear from you. How's life? Let me search around via internet starting from today :->

iml: Agreed... Songs in this movie are so nice.