Monday, July 6, 2009

are you a selfish driver?

I have been travelling in the peak hours almost everyday for the pass three weeks ... Yayaya! not that i wanted to rumbling or ranting or complaining... just wanna to share with you my observation the drivers in KL... KL drivers are getting worst. Being a KL driver myself, I definitely not in those group that i described below... I follow the rules strictly... :p

Why i come out with the title Are you a Selfish Driver? If you have noticed the behaviour of the drivers in Malaysia or specifically in KL.... you would understand what i meant... and i bet you will somehow agreed with me... :p

A selfish driver has the following behaviour base on my observation.

1. Switching lane as they wanted especially during traffic jam. This has slow down at least two lanes of car that behind his or hers. Switch Switch Switch ... let me switch you off :p

2. Parking by the street which occupied a lane that caused the traffic jam due to other drivers need to switch lane to avoid the car that parked there. Can we call a toll truck to toll away the car and dump it into the junk... press it and recycled.... :p

3. Blocking other drivers which suppose to be able to turn into another road @ the junctions... this has made the traffic so messy... Ignorance of Yellowbox... what is the Yellowbox ? for deco only... :p

4. Driving in the inner lane with the speed of walking... is the driver driving or walking?... :p

5. Park in front of the bank with who cares attitude to do the banking... "just a few minutes"... hey that few minutes already enough to cause others inconvenience.

6. Performing acrobatic while driving ... driving with one hand on the phone the other on the food and no hand on the wheel... is it possible? okok... seriously, how many of you driving only with one hand on the wheel.. and the other hand on the phone?

7. Reversing from the parking space... "STOP!" i'm coming out... "the whole world must stop for the car to come out... especially those people that driving big and huge car... your highness even not doing it everyday... how about i drive a super tanker... looks who is harder... blek!

8. Cutting queue from the side of the road.... Shall we blame our road designer who design so much space @ the side of the road that gave the opportunities for the unconsiderate drivers to cut the queue... cut cut cut ... shall we cut your license away????...

9. Butt kissing driver happens whenever in the highway... some of the drivers just so annoying that they flash you out of the way or just as if your butt is nice to be kissed... hmmmm ... maybe they really like butts... just wondered what type of butts they like ... blek!

10. Making U-turn in the junction that will jeopardize others road users' life ... murderer!!!!!....

11. Miss one turn... hmmm... do you ever encounter cars that reverse 1km just to make a turn that they have missed... what do you think? are they murderer too?

12. Escorting the ambulance... i observed some drivers when the ambulance is coming from the back... everyone seems to give way... that this driver happily escorting the ambulance front and back by squeezing through the traffic... hmmm.... we should block the way when he or she inside the ambulance... blek!

13. Driver that go into the no entry or different direction should send back to school. they don't even understand what is the no entry sign means ... A kindergarden kids also know what is no entry sign... Shame on you!

14. Pilot on the road .... this is quite common as the selfish drivers of this type drive like a pilot... why i say pilot coz they drive in between two lane... hehehe using the dotted line as the central... like the plane running on the runway .. :p 

Are you a pilot on the road?

15. "Don't drink and drive" is the slogan that you see everywhere in the world... so how many of you actually Don't drink while driving or don't drive after drinking alcohol? hmmm.....

Do you have the same experience that i had
you are one of the selfish driver
contributes to those inconveniences? :p


Medie007 said...

selfish criteria? LOL

how many criteria should one meet to be qualified as a selfish driver? hehehe

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

I'm KL driver. And now you makes me feel bad. Anyhow, I'm not that bad la. At least I didn't do some of those mentioned..keke.

Paul J said...

is cursing while driving consider selfish? i can come out a lot of marvellous curse with combination of human body and activities and can go down until few generation also...hahaha....once my friend tell me I can produce book titled 粗话大同篇

Paul J said... abt penang driver?? since u also spend quite some time in penang before...heheh...

William said...

We may not be guilty of all the counts, but will try to justify them when we do it. LOL

Boris said...

before i read the list, I should answer your question first.

"Are you a selfish driver?"

In a way, I have little patience when it comes to driving. I know it's bad, gotta change it :p

I don't do 1-5, that's way out of hand!

#6 is a freak show :p but if they drive slowly and without a traffic jam, then it's okay.

#7 is okay. there's nothing selfish about that. If I were the driver, I would signal the other driver if he would take a moment to let me out. Well the real selfish person here is the driver who doesn't want me out of the parking space :p

#9 is gross! hahaha does that really happen?

#11 I wouldn't blame them, maybe they're foreginers :p

#12 nothing wrong here.

#15 is true. I never do that. If I ever got drunk, I would take time to get myself out of being drunk :)

I hate it when selfish drivers beep long or beep like a firing ricochet :p

At night, I hate it when drivers use their high beam when they're about to overtake me. Sometimes when a car is passing my way with his high beam glaring at me, I would signal him by flickering my high beam stating that I'm bothered by it, sometimes they switch to normal and sometimes they don't :p