Thursday, October 8, 2009

I feel so Wet

The mother nature has been crying since Monday noon... She was not stop crying until Tuesday noon... total crying time : 24 hours. hmmm... What happened to our mother nature? Maybe she was too sympathize with the Padang earthquake, the Samoa Tsunami and the taufan @ Philippines.

Jerry dude at once mention what he did when the mother nature is crying ... so mother nature has cried 24 hours... so what were our Jerry dude did? wanna know more about what he mentioned... just visit his entry (Jerry Kiat).

Anyway, back to the wet weather in Penang. Luckily the rain stopped after 24 hours... otherwise i would need to request Twinkle dude to send my Gondola from Klang River to Penang so i could cruise for nice nice food over here...


Let's flash back to Monday evening, since our class supposed to end on 5pm but since we couldn't get over to the carpark to pick up our car... We decided to stay on until 6pm... wrong decision as I ended up stuck in the jam. All the car was moving so slow as the road was so slippery.

I woke up early morning Tuesday and found out that outside was still raining ... I felt so wet when i jumped over to my car and drove to my class... Rain never stopped until noon... Anyway, everywhere was so wet after 24 hours of rain in Penang. One of the blogger in Penang even said that i brought the rain to here... am i?

hmmm... just wondered anyone of you actually sang the song related to rain or danced to request for rain?

Penang port


Gratitude said...

You can blame it on the rain
Coz the rain dun mind
And the rain dun care
You gotta blame it on something.

KY said...

It was gloomy here for past few days, but not as bad as Penang I suppose.
Ant, what else he can blame on?

ladyviral said...

Raining clears the air at least... From dust and haze...though it is cold and wet, but clean fresh air after rain is nice :).

TZ said...

Gratitude: hahahaha.... am i blaming someone?

KY: kakaka... blame who?

ladyviral: agreed ... the rest of the days has nice weather now. :) Cooling weather in Penang.

vincent said...

here also experiencing the same condition :( everyday rain... gloomy

William said...

You're WET? Hehe.

TZ said...

Vincent: Rain has stopped me to travel to Jitra... sad sad. :p

William: hmmm... someone think of something else?

Paul J said...

blame it on the weather man!

TZ said...

Paul J: hahaha... thanks for having the dinner with me. :)

wildnis said...

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Asking before posting would not have been a problem!