Friday, October 16, 2009

Murukku Where are you?

I spent my Diwali @ Uganda last year... Diwali is not a holiday in Uganda... So i worked throught the whole day. But my Indian colleagues took leave @ home... he made me tasty murukku and papa-don . The lights of the apartment were on for the whole night. Gosh~ The Uganda people has not enough electricity supply yet my Indian colleagues still on lights up the whole apartment....

This year i am back to Malaysia... unfortunately i was not invited to any Diwali celebration... what a sad case. No Murukku for me... Guess what? Last night, all of the sudden, I crave for Murukku and placed an update status in FaceBook. Got two replies...


is craving for murukku all of the sudden... maybe it's the diwali festive season... Anyone care for giving him some murukku to ease his crave...
Friend #1 reply : ask Sxxx (Need to protect the person identity)...hehehe
Friend #2 reply : Got a whole tin of murukku from a Summit last Thu... VERY NICE!!!!!

I wanna Murukku... anyone care for giving me some... Murukku where are you? For those who celebrate Diwali festival... How do you celebrate, mind to share?

Happy Diwali


ladyviral said...

Oh I miss Thosai and Roti Jala! My colleague's Open usually have them.. I wonder if he will this year since he is going to have another Open House this year :). Yum Yum~

the happy go lucky one said...

mayb u can ask from thamby sk? lolll... tesco got sell, very big packet and very reasonable price kekeeee


sxxx means sami? hehehe...sami vellu perhaps :P

LAURENCE said...


happy deepavali~

Anonymous said...

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[SK] said...

you didn't see muruku selling everywhere in MV just now meh?? :p

TZ said...

Ladyviral: So your ex-colleague has his open house today?...

The happy go lucky one: I don't think i could get it from Thamby SK.. I was having dinner with him and shown that i wanna some Murukku... nothing happened :p I wanna the homemade not the one in Tesco :p

L2: hahaha... i been once Sami Vellu's open house... How? You should experience yourself... :p

LAURENCE: Happy Diwali to you too :)

IMCurtain: Thanks for dropping by... I noticed you have place the same comment in almost everyone in the communities... I hope that you don't do it again... It's like a spam.

[SK]: hahaha... i thot you will get some and share with us since you are Thamby SK... :p Thamby SK, how's your diwali celebration?