Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cari Makan @ Penang: Sg Tiram Food Court

Last year before Xmas, I went to Penang with my parent... My uncle bought us to this food court near the Bayan Lepas International Airport. What so special about this food court? This food court actually served variety of Penang hawker food... from O-Jian (Oyster omelet to all kinds of fried noodles to Rojak (mix fruits) etc... anyway their specialty is the Char Tuak Ban (fried Broad rice noodles).

BBQ squid with Sambal

My uncle has ordered two types of Char Tuak Ban... one is dry and the other one is wet... hmmm... which one is better? Actually both also taste good.

Char Tuak Ban (wet)

Char Tuak Ban (Dry)

Fry Noodles with Fish head

Since i was not full yet, my cousin has order me another specialty which is the Fry noodles with Fish Head. This was the first time i had fish noodles fried. Usually we would have fish noodles in the soup. It taste a bit like Mee Goreng mamak...

Anyway, I enjoyed so much on all the food that my uncle and cousins ordered... YummY~

Summary Rating:
First Impression (greeting customer) : 2/5
Ambience (table setting, environment) : 1/5
Customer Service (Serving food, response to customer request) : 3/5
Food & baverage (taste, quality, value for money) : 4.5/5
Overall rating : 2.6 / 5


Medie007 said...

oooh!!! the fried kway tiaw that i missed!

KY said...

Now I'm getting more familiar with PG through your blog. No more KOMTAR next time. LOL

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the happy go lucky one said...

wowww... they look really yummy! must try it on my june trip to penang kekekeee