Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MAXIS Value plan - Is it VALUE FOR MONEY?

The telco companies in Malaysia are in a steep competition lately... I'm in the middle of shopping for a more suitable postpaid service provider to switch... I'm still couldn't decide whether to switch to DIGI Postpaid or Maxis Value Plan with MAXIS broadband.

I have been googling around and found that there were so many people complaint on MAXIS Customer Service... initially i thought maybe it's case by case but until i experienced myself with my friends last Saturday @ about 1:30pm, MAXIS CENTER KLCC

We went over to the front counter to pick up a number... the number slip stated 1:39pm, so we were patiently sitting on the couch and kicked started our waiting mission... 10 mins ... 20 mins ... 30 mins... 40 mins... 50mins at the end, my friend was served on the 60 mins. Guess what?My friend just wanna to check why MAXIS has charged him extra for the month of DECEMBER 2009 and we gotta to wait for 60 mins to get to our turn for two SIMPLE checking which only took 15mins. Sigh~ Sigh~ sigh~

While sitting @ the couch, I have the opportunities to observe how the MAXIS customer service center operates... All the servicing staffs took up all kind of services randomly...
  1. There are 20 counters in total.. at least 6 of them are not open... one or two counters took more than 30 mins to serve ONE customer... YES! It's more than 30 mins... :(
  2. Some of the servicing staffs were flirting with the customers and some of the staffs just walking around... Please don't ask me what were they doing... I think you should direct this question to the DEPARTMENT HEAD of MAXIS CUSTOMER SERVICE.
  3. A caucasian couple complaint to me during some small talk while waiting for their turn... they wanted to disconnect their broadband services which they claimed that it was USELESS... the connection was so slow until YAHOO page was not able to load. Yup~ It's YAHOO page... So how true was this... can any MAXIS Broadband User please help to understand the pain that the couple faced?...
  4. According to the caucasian couple, to disconnect the MAXIS Broadband service, the deactivation only can be done @ MAXIS Center, KLCC... NOT even the Maxis Service center @ Bukit Bintang... how true was this?... Hmmm.... I'm not sure... Anyone?
  5. I came to understand one of the existing customers told me that sometime it's difficult to make or receive a call due to no signal or busy network in certain area. It happened regularly... So Maxis user please help me to understand this...
Given some interaction with some existing customers and understand their pain of using MAXIS as the provider... Now, I really don't know should i sign up with MAXIS Value Plan and suffer together with them or just go for other providers like DIGI... What do you think?


Medie007 said...

complain! let's see if the CEO of maxis writes to you for an apology. :P

Peace Lover said...

Yup! Even the porn sites could upload faster than Yahoo!.. I have terminated my last week ~ Bye Bye MAxis!

the happy go lucky one said...

im not sure abt their broadband service, but its true that u have to go to their klcc or pavillion service centre for certain services as other centres are maintained outsourced to other party.
peace lover: porn? so may i suggest a new nick for u? p*rn lover? just kidding and happy new year to u kekeee

William said...

More pathetic than Celcom Broadband.

smallkucing said...

I have been using Maxis for more than 10 years. So far things are fine. Never use their broadband b4.

Have been to their Customer service centre at KLCC afew years back. Yup, takes long time to do any transaction.

Calling them is much better. If you dont want to waste money calling them, you can e-mail them.

They respond quite fast. normally within 48 hours.Thus whenever I have a problem, query or complaint I would email them. They normally call me back on my mobile