Thursday, January 28, 2010

is Globalization... good or bad?

How many of you work cross culture, cross borders, cross timezone, cross leg? you are actually working in a globalization society... Sometime work global is a good experience but also we need to give away some of our precious rest time in supporting the globalization society. Do you agree with me?

Recently, i have the opportunities to work with people from Middle East and Europe. My previous job i worked with Ugandan, American, Chinese, Costa Rican etc... Hehehe... i would be able to add on two more countries / culture i worked with in my resume.

Anyway, working with the Middle East is kind of different from working with American, Chinese. They are more into setting up rapport and relationship before getting into business. Hmmm... this is what i felt after working with them for three full weeks. Things might not be done if we don't do another step to setup the relationship... hey i mean working relationship not the love relationship... :p So communication played a very important role here.

Anyway, since some of you have experience working with people from other part of the world... Please do share with us what do you think... is Globalization workforce good for bad?


Medie007 said...

not good. because of what u said lor.

but good also lar. cuz we want to learn more. :P

the happy go lucky one said...

donno le, i have no idea, but i guess it could b good if they would send u some nice foods/delicacies as appreciation for ur extra steps, or sponsor some business trips :P

Gratitude said...

Were you crossing your legs when writing this? :P lolz

It's alwiz interesting to be able to experience different approaches to work. Dealing with the same type of people can be strenuously boring. I loved dealing with those Shanghainese lasses. :)

pikey said...

Support globalization lor... make the world smaller and know each other people better... together as Earthlings...

smallkucing said...

I duno leh coz am kucing bawah tempurung.

I guess good coz learn of other culture and can cetak rompak see if can use in Msia or not.

Bad coz if it means you have to follow their working days and hours.Like my friend who liase with Australia side. Msia holiday, she dont get any holiday at all :(

CH Voon said...

it is good to work with others people in the world!

but sometimes you will feel damn bored & Sien!

but you learn more about their culture!

different people different working experience...

so far, it is ok for me.. if you cannot beat them then join them!