Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cellini Salt Cellar

If you have read my earlier post regarding Historical Artifact created by Benvenuto. Are you able to guess what is this historical artifact used for?

Cellini Salt Cellar front view
It's a Salt Cellar on the dining table. Yes it's a very beautiful piece of art sculpture created by Benvenuto Cellini in 1543. There are two sculptures Male and Female. The Male sculpture represent the sea and the Female sculpture represents the earth.

Let's have a 360 view of the Salt Cellar... Can you see the detail on the sculpture itself?

Cellini Salt Cellar - Side View
Another Side view... How about the sculpture in the house, look at how define is the sculpture.

Cellini Salt Cellar - Side View
Okay let's turn around and see the other side of the view... which i considered the back view of the Salt Cellar. Can you see those sculpture beneath the bowl?

Cellini Salt Cellar - Behind View
Do you know where would the salt being placed in this Salt Cellar? If you guess the bowl... You are right! The salt was placed in the bowl beside the male sculpture.

So, what do you think about the Cellini Salt Cellar?


Twilight Man said...

The salt probably costs 10 sen but the gold plated ornament could be thousands dollars.

TZ said...

Twilight Man: this artifact has stolen on 2003 when they were restoring the musuem. The museum has rewarded Euro 70,000 to recover this piece of artifact. So it's not thousands dollars, it's at least Euro 70,000 and more :p

MEcoy said...

a very well detailed artifact indeed! that worth millions here

Small Kucing said...

Euro 70, 000???? *faint*

Small Kucing said...

All my guesses wrong...lol

TZ said...

MECoy: Yes~ Indeed it's a very nice piece of art work.

Small Kucing: No one actually have the correct answer :) So no worry...