Saturday, June 8, 2013

CSC RUN BY THE BAY - Singapore

After the infamous Sundown Run @ Singapore. The TZ running saga continues with the next @ Singapore... CSC RUN BY THE BAY.

Picture adapted from CSC RUN BY THE BAY
Hurray~ in conjunction of the CSC RUN BY THE BAY, TZ has planned a full events of activities for the August 22nd - August 25th 2013 weekend @ Singapore.

THURSDAY NITE - Arriving Singapore
FRIDAY DAYTIME - working from Singapore
FRIDAY NITE - The Phantom of the Opera 
SATURDAY + NITE - the national Zoo of Singapore / Nite Safari
SUNDAY MORNING - Run by the Bay
SUNDAY NITE - back to City of Potholes 

I wondered how the finisher medal of the CSC RUN BY THE BAY looks like. Hopefully it's as nice as the medal that i got from Sundown 2013. Hehehehe... TZ running trip has gone international. Anyway, anyone of you are planning to participate on this run?

Picture adapted from CSC Run by The Bay
I got to know my friend has registered me in the run... So i have to start training myself to run the CSC RUN BY THE BAY 2013 on August 25th 2013 @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Fellow CSC RUN BY THE BAY runner... see you in there!!!


MEcoy said...

perhaps when everything is fine at my side i'll consider choosing that as my sport

TZ said...

MECoy: hmm... what do you mean everything is fine at your side. Are you having some issue right now?

Twilight Man said...

You are always on holidays! I dare not hire you dei. LOL

TZ said...

Twilight Man: too bad you don't even have an off day on weekend. i still working and enjoy my weekend. this is call WORK LIFE BALANCE. lol

TZ said...
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