Friday, June 14, 2013

Ballet Under The Stars (Giselle) - Singapore 2013

Yesterday, I received a whatsapp from my friend in Singapore when i was doing my preparation for conferencing at night.

In the afternoon,

Friend A: It's ballet under the stars on July 27th - featuring "Giselle" - you wanna come?

After few minutes, Friend B whatsapp me...
Friend B: Are you coming to SG in July? Friend A wanna watch Giselle - Ballet under the stars
Me: Okay. Then I will go to Singapore every month :p
Friend B: No Problem.

So i reply back to Friend A that i'm okay for the ballet under the stars
Me : Okay
Friend A: Yay!!! I go book tickets.

At night,  40 mins before the conference.
As I was looking at the air ticket to Singapore on that weekend in July. I asked Friend A...

Me: Hey the ballet is on Saturday?
Friend A: Yes!
Me: Once you confirm i will book the air ticket eh~
Friend A: Friend B super on lah - he bought tickets liao!

Then, I received Friend B whatsapp image
Ballet Under The Stars - Giselle
Me: eeee... Got dress code?
Friend B: It's open.

So, I have to book my air ticket to Singapore... Going down south on July 2013 again.


Twilight Man said...

You will start to swan lake around the gym soon!!!

TZ said...

Twilight Man: You know i don't dance in the gym :p Moreover i don't know ballet dancing. How to swan lake?

TZ said...
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MEcoy said...

well enjoy yourself there

Medie007 said...

wahaha. eh 1SGD = 2.56RM D now!!! gasps!

savante said...

Haven't seen Giselle! Liked Swan Lake though, especially the music.

TZ said...

MEcoy: Thanks dude~

Medie007: It's getting expensive to go to Singapore for the shows :(

Savante: Why don't make a trip to watch it in Singapore :p

Small Kucing said...

wah lau eh...manyak syok ler

TZ said...

small kucing: yay~ yay~