Monday, June 3, 2013

Singapore Sundown Marathon 2013

Flown down south onto the island of Lion on last Thursday evening, Preparing for my first evening run on Friday late night or should I say early Saturday morning... The flag off was at 00:30.

On your mark, get set, Goooooooooooo....

picture adapted from Sundown Official Page

Thousands over people rushing to the front to kick start on the run... Anyone able to locate TZ?

Rollback to before run...
snap snap here and snap snap there; upload pictures to the social media were what the runner did...
Sundown with Singapore eye as backdrop
During running...
TZ ran the first 3km and then slowed down to walk for 6km with the speed of 4.0-5.0km/hr... and ran the last one km again when approaching the finishing line.

After 1hr 34mins 11secs...

Sweaty and energy drained TZ - smile with the finisher medal
At that moment, I was doubt whether able to grab the finished medal. While approaching the counter that distributing items... First item they given out was a can of 100plus, followed by a bottle of water and a banana... I was disappointed as i thought i don't get any finisher medal as i finished more than 1.5 hrs. But to my surprise, I was given the finisher medal before i left the distribution counter... Yay! Yay! I successfully added another medal into my running corner.

Sundown 2013 Finisher Medal - Front
Sundown 2013 Finisher Medal - Back
Overall, it was a tiring run but quite interesting as it's running at night instead of early morning. Now, it's the recovering of my soreness leg takes time... :p


Medie007 said...

about 20,000 runners that night. haha

MEcoy said...

I never get to participate on such event even though i want to, i doubt that im physically healthy for that but yet it's worth a try
congrats by the way

TZ said...

Medie007: Is it? I thought only 10,000 runners.

MEcoy: Never say you could not make it. this can be trained as long as you have the confident to make it happen. Same does to our life :)