Wednesday, June 19, 2013

JungFrauJoch - The highest point of Europe

What TZ did on this year April fool? hahaha... TZ visited the highest point of Europe called JungFrauJoch - Top of Europe. The highest point that you may visit is located at 11,782ft / 3,571m above the sea level.

How to get there?
You have to take a two hours train from Interlaken to Kleine Scheidegg and switched to another train to go up to the JungFrauJoch - Top of Europe station. The journey took 2 hours from Interlaken including the transit to the top. The train fare cost CHF179 return which equivalent to RM716.

Train to JungFrauJoch - Top of Europe @ Kleine Scheidegg
@ the Top of Europe, you will experience the feeling of gasping for breath as the air is thinner. 
Anyway, how's the view at the top?

First view via window when we first arrived @ the top
Information Board regarding the height of the place
the 100 years old building, underneath is the railway that brought us up
the view of Top of Europe in video clip

As we walked along to the other side of the building we were directed to the Icy Glacier area of the mountain. This is an interesting area as the floor, ceiling, wall were made of ice. i.e. we are inside the glacier.

Tunnel inside glacier
Met the Pooh family
Trying to squeeze myself through a small and narrow tunnel
We stayed there for half a day and decided to leave the place to head back to Interlaken to do some shopping and later catch our train back to Zurich for our connecting train to Brussel, Belgium. There will be another adventure in Brussel, Belgium eh~

JungFrauJoch - Top of Europe is a worth to visit as we have experienced quick a number of things which we would not be able to find them in Malaysia
  1. The high altitude gasping for breath cause it's 11,782ft above sea level about 2.5 times higher than Mt. Kinabalu.
  2. Walking and half sliding on the icy floor inside the Glacier. Squeeze through the small tunnel inside the Glacier
  3. Sit in the train that climb up the mountain with spectacular view of the rocky Alps mountain range
  4. Amazing long tunnel inside the mountain range which is built 100 years ago
  5. JungFrauJoch got its Unesco World Heritage status on 2001   


reana claire said...

TZ, it must be freezzzzzinggg cold up there!!! I can feel it now when I looked at your pictures a moment ago... hahaha...

TZ said...

Reana Claire: You bet, the temperature out there is below 0c if not mistake it's around -10c without taking in consider of windchill.

Twilight Man said...

The tunnel is so small and that fatso managed to squeeze through! Miracle!

MEcoy said...

I wish i could stay there during summer haha

TZ said...

Twilight Man: i bet you definitely cannot get through :p

MECoy: You may not be able to stay at the Top of Europe highest peak but you can definitely stay in Kleine Scheidegg.

Mr Lonely said...

oh yeah, i can follow your guide when i travel around that area~ XD

TZ said...

Mr. Lonely: Can share with you if you need more detail on the JungFrauJoch area.